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OJAS is the creative pen name of Devon Turnbull. As a university student studying Audio Engineering he started using the name across a variety of disciplines including graffiti, music, graphic design and clothing design. In 2003 Turnbull co-founded the clothing brand Nom de Guerre with Isa Saalabi, Wil Whitney and Holly Harnsongkram. For the next decade, while primarily working in fashion, the name OJAS was kept alive on sound sculptures Turnbull was crafting for himself and a growing number of audio enthusiasts around the world. With a particular interest in high efficiency speakers and low powered tube amplifiers, Ojas audio equipment aims to bring realistic, natural sound to the listener. These products are the result of two decades of experimentation, engineering and explorations in the audio underground.
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The Nature of Sound

Sound is considered to be of two kinds, one a vibration of ether the other a vibration of air.
The vibration of ether which cannot be perceived in the physical sense, is considered the principle of all manifestation the basis of all substance the “music of the spheres” it forms permanent numerical patterns which are the basis of the worlds existence, this kind of vibration is not caused by physical shock as are audible sounds. It is therefore called anahata “unstruck”, the other kind of sound is an impermanent vibration of air, an image of the ether vibration. It is audible and always produced by a shock. It is therefore called ahata or “struck”.
Struck sound is said to give pleasure. Unstruck sound leads to liberation (Narada Purana).

Sun Audio - SV300BE Kit

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We are thrilled to announce that Ojas is now the exclusive North America distributor of Sun Audio.

Since 1989, the Sun Audio SV series has been an iconic range of Single Ended Triode amplifiers. You would be hard pressed to find a list of the top SET amplifiers at any time that doesn’t include Sun Audio. The use of Single Ended Triode amplifiers in home HiFi is a concept that originated in Japan, and continues to be symbolic of that culture. They are also an essential part of the Ojas formula. But SET amp options are very limited outside of Japan. Second generation tube amp builder, Mitsuru Uchida, sources only the finest boutique parts available in Japan, including the exclusive use of Tamura potted transformers.

The first amplifier kit that we’re offering is the SV300BE. It’s an iconic SET amp that runs the most iconic triode, the 300B. Am I over using the word “iconic”? Because there’s no more iconic tube than the Western Electric 300B, and we’re offering as a premium option included with the amp.

This is a high end, point to point wired amplifier. The kit includes all of the parts you will need to complete the project, a schematic and detailed assembly instructions.

Working on high voltage tube amplifiers is dangerous and you should educate yourself and take precautions to work safely. If this is intimidating to you, we will be offering a limited number of workshops in our new NYC classroom at 28 Greene st, to walk participants through the build process and teach you about how a single ended triode amplifier works.

I have personally owned several Sun Audio amps in the course of my audio quest, and I have recommended them to many of my customers. This could be the last amp you ever own.

- Devon 


Tubes: Western Electric/PSVANE 300B (x2), PSVANE 6SN7 (x2), JJ 5U4G (x1)

Circuit Design: Single-Ended class "A" operation without negative feedback

Power Output: 8W + 8W

Input Impedance: 100k ohms

Input Sensitivity: 150 mVs

Output Connections: 8 & 16 ohms (*1)

Frequency Response: 15-30kHz/-3dB

Noise level: less than 1.0 mV

Power Supply: 120V

AC Connector: Equipped built-in noise filter with detachable AC cord

Dimensions: 360 x 210 x 270 mm

Weight: 16 kg

*1: Output transformer has two wires (one for 8ohm, another for 16ohm) in Secondary, you can change the value with re-wiring from the transformers to the speaker terminals. 



Sun Audio - SV300BE Kit